Monday, January 08, 2007

Pupdate #3

As you can see from the above picture, Linus is doing fantastically! His legs are almost straight; the orthopedic specialist my vet consulted assured her that they would indeed straighten in time. The official name for his condition, by the way, is "carpal hyperflexion." You might need that for Jeopardy someday.

Puppy kindergarten at the local dog training club starts this Wednesday. As Linus has already grasped "sit" and "down" and is making great strides (ha! get it?) at leash walking, I fully expect him to rocket to the top of the class. He gets it from his mom.

Speaking of the whole "mom" thing, I'm getting a lot of ribbing from my classmates. Half of them assure me that walking a puppy is a great way to meet guys. The other half insist that no man will want to date "a single mother with three kids."

Obviously the solution is to date a vet.


Charles said...

You've done a good thing, Megan. That little dog lucked out. Thanks for the pupdate.

Laura Kinsale said...

You don't want a guy who don't like dogs anyway. ;)

Glad you are keeping him. I have always thought, "When the time is right, the dog will appear." And they always have. I hope they always will.

You might want to look into clicker training and Jean Donaldson's books The Culture Clash and Dogs Are From Nepture. (at Great books to get prepared for the coming "teen years" ;).


Beth said...

LOOOOOOK! He's so big and strong and white and not lil puny pink guy anymore. YAY!

I keep coming back here and crooning "puhhhhhppy puppy puppy puhhhhhhppy". You should be ashamed.

Lyvvie said...

He looks wonderful - lookit all that white fur! He's growing so fast, well done. You must be proud of yourself, and well you should be.

He is looking a bit more pit bull-like, but not in the scary way, so maybe he was mixed with a terrier of some sort. if that's the way, you're going to need all those puppy training classes, but considering you've saved him I think he'll be forever devoted.

BTW, i though walking puppies was a great way to meet women, not men?? Prove it all won't you and find yourself a hot vet.

Bookwormom said...

What a cutie! I'm so glad he's getting better.