Thursday, February 08, 2007

Pupdate #7 (Linus 3.0, or "Holy growth spurt, Batman!")

Howdy, everyone. Linus celebrated his arbitrary fourth monthday last week with a checkup at the vet's. He tested negative for mange, so I can finally start reducing the meds, and got his final round of shots. We discussed the little snippity-snip operation, which I'm hoping to schedule as soon as possible. And we weighed him. He was eighteen pounds in early January, so I expected something in the twenties, but I was kind of shocked at the number called out by the assistant.

TWENTY-SEVEN POUNDS, people. That's almost thirty pounds of pure puppy lurve. Here is the February picture (the grandparents have commissioned monthly pictures so they can track his growth):

contrasted with the January picture:

As you will notice, HIS LEGS ARE STRAIGHT! Yayyyy!!! The wrist joints still look a little weak and knobbly to my untrained eye, and he still has a habit of knuckling over when he sits or relaxes... but now he runs and plays just like a normal puppy.

Our puppy class instructor told me that doubling a puppy's weight at four months is an accurate predictor of the dog's final weight. I'll admit that I was hoping for something in the 50 lbs and under range; however, 60 lbs is still small compared to the behemoth Labradors that I'm used to.

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Bookwormom said...

Yay Linus! He looks so much better. Esp. the legs. And snip snip soon!