Monday, May 07, 2007

Pupdate #14 (Bring your puppy to work day!)

As a present for Linus's half-birthday last month, Munchkin Girl* and I brought him to the Marketing Office on campus and made him Chairpup of the Board for a day. He took his supervisory role very seriously and helped us roll out some new initiatives at the day's board meeting. Here is a day in the life of a working dog:

Chairpup believes in powerful first impressions.
He arrives in style, courtesy of Munchkin Girl Limo & Sedan Service, to be greeted by his adoring subjects.

Pup-ularity is a full time job!

Chairpup receives hundreds of e-mails each day.

Chairpup is known for his high standards.
Here, he reviews a press release waiting for publication.

Munchkin Girl attempts to explain that her gifts lie in organizing, not writing...

...but Chairpup says NEIN!!!

After Munchkin Girl rushes off in tears at disappointing her beloved but demanding supervisor, Chairpup is forced to make his own photocopies.

Fortunately, they reconcile in time for the much-anticipated board meeting, where Chairpup unveils his daring new strategy:


All in a day's work.

* not because she is short, but because of her TOTALLY AWESOME Munchkin-voice rendition of "Sweet Child of Mine," which forever sealed my determination to be her friend.

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Lyvvie said...

He's such a happy, lively wonderful dog - and he loves you soooo much! I love the video clips. To think he was just a tiny, bald ball of misery when you found him.

Do you think he's done growing now? He looks a good size.

Well done one the new-ish job and I hope it's going well for you.