Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Pupdate #17 (making new friends)

THE SCENE: An ordinary morning on Trinidad Avenue

LINUS: Hi, Sparky. Hi, Dozer. How are you guys?

SPARKY: This is MY yard. I'M the boss here!

LINUS: Says who? Dozer's an awful lot bigger than you are.

SPARKY: Ha. Dozer can't hear you. He's deaf--it happens in white dogs sometimes. See: YOUR MOTHER WAS A PUG AND YOUR FATHER LOVES CATS!!

Ha! No answer. I, on the other hand, have unusually acute hearing thanks to a genetic anomaly that attached my ears BACKWARDS. Behold, the power of my BIONIC RIGHT EAR:

LINUS: Umm, okay. I have to go threaten the Six-Pound Hellhounds now. Catch you later.

SPARKY: Fine. Leave. This is MY YARD! I'M the boss!!

Later that day...

LINUS: Heyyy... where's Sparky?

DOZER: ZZZZZzzzz... oh hi, Linus. Sparky's under house arrest for digging up the garden.

LINUS: You can hear! Why do you pretend to be deaf?

DOZER: You would too, if you had to share a yard with Sparky all the time.

LINUS: Good point.

1 comment:

vergelimbo said...


Great photo shoot of the local hipsters...
Linus's social life puts me to shame!

That Sparky looks like a freaky cross between a Chinese Crested Dog, a Kenyan Basenji and an American Pit.
What type of accent do you suppose he has?

More importantly, when Linus is seen Big Pimping his way about the hood, [towed in his chariot] will they learn their place?