Saturday, October 27, 2007

Why I've been gone so long...

I wish I had a dramatic tale of sudden change, disaster or elation to explain my thoroughly inexcusable absence for the past two and a half months. The truth, as lame as it is, is that I've been... busy. Busy doing stuff like this:

... and this:


So, that's it, really. A couple of Emergency Sewing Projects (ESPs) and my sudden transformation into a documentary filmmaker chewed all my free time to bits. It's been a lot of fun working on them, but I'm ready to get back to a more normal schedule now. And resume posting about the Mighty Linus, of course.

Speaking of, guess who celebrated his first birthday two weeks ago! Video of the festivities shortly to follow!

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alphabitch said...

Ooh! Happy Birthday Linus!! Ruby's birthday is coming up soon. We had to kind of guess on the date; the vet said to pick a day in the second half of December, so I picked the 21st, given that I like to have a party for the Solstice anyway.