Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Exhibit A in the Good vs. Evil debate

Taken over 6 months ago in Winston (ah, my lovely lost apartment!). He is now taller and more graceful, but otherwise pretty much the same.

As Tony Metro observed, "Obsessed with socks from an early age."


vergelimbo said...

"Paws down, the best Linus video ever!"

So, have you got the whole pet menagerie at your new place? Apparently cats and dogs really love wheatgrass- I'm certain you knew this....you should try it.
I have been hosting "speakeasy-style" wheatgrass soirees lately. Trying to cultivate WG junkies.

alphabitch said...


Ruby especially liked the yellow squeaky toy part. I didn't let her watch the part where he stole your boot out of the closet.

The dog biscuit recipe is posted, btw.

stephanieburgis said...

What an adorable pup! I love this video.