Sunday, March 04, 2007

Pupdate #10 (the Destruction Duo)

It's homework time again, so obviously I have to post another Linus video. Clever stalling tactic, huh?

Brenin and Linus together are a kind of tag-team of destruction, with Brenin gleefully knocking valuable objects off their havens for Linus to chew. One of Brenin's favorite tricks is to steal the sash out of my bathrobe, drag it to wherever Linus is sitting, drop it in front of him, and wait for the fun to begin.

This scene is staged for documentary purposes, but it accurately reflects daily life in the Meganomics household.

P.S. YouTube promises that the video will be ready shortly.
P.P.S. I hope you like it! This is my first foray into the exciting world of video editing.
P.P.P.S. The song is by Magnetic Fields.

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Bookwormom said...

Adorable little ones you've got there! Keep you on your toes I'm sure.