Monday, March 19, 2007

Pupdate #...? (Happy Late Monthday!)

Last week, Linus celebrated his fifth arbitrary monthday (the 7th of each month). Here is his monthly picture, showing one of his favorite toys. He likes to have stuff to carry when we go outside:

Linus is currently visiting with his aunt and making new doggie friends at Casa John & Melissa, as I have to be in New York City this week for school stuff. Naturally I am getting twice-daily progress reports.

You'd think that a Spring Break trip to NYC would be just what every little arts manager desires, but I would so rather be home right now, wrestling with Linus and decontaminating my apartment. Anyway, I am currently the guest of the marvelous Flogging Katie, who has provided me with shelter, enthusiastic welcome, and a much-needed dose of pointed absurdity. Now if I could just stop falling asleep in front of important theater executives...


Bookwormom said...

I hope things go well in NYC & home with Linus. Let us know how it all turns out. Best wishes

vergelimbo said...

Trust're not missing much here in Winston Slalom. Enjoy the city- eat all the foods that aren't available here. (well, maybe not ALL)
Linus looks fierce and dignified in the pic.

"I've got to go return some videotapes"


PS:the word verification thingy reads icemr